Marvel Spider Man Bend And Flex - Spider Man Vs Ock Bot

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The all-powerful Ock-Bot can't wait to battle Spider-Man with its bendable and flexible tentacles! Twist! Turn! Flex your power! Kids can bend, flex, pose, and play with their favourite Marvel Super Heroes with these super agile Bend And Flex Figures! Collect characters inspired by Marvel with a twist (each sold separately). These stylized Super Hero action figures have bendable arms and legs that can bend and hold in place for the picture-perfect pose. Theres plenty of heroic daring and dramatic action when kids shape their Bend And Flex figures into playful poses. After all, a good hero (or villain) is always flexible.

Includes: 2 figures and 2 accessories.

  • Ock-Bot, at a big, bad 25cm (10 inches) tall, towers over the included 15cm (6-inch) scale Spider-Man
  • Each flexible tentacle on the Ock-Bot holds an attached weapon so kids can flex, bend, and pose the Ock-Bot in battle
  • Kids can open the 2 nonmechanical capture claws with the push of a button to grip figures
  • Load 2 projectiles (included) into spring-loaded launcher and push a button to blast! Ock-Bot also has spinning saw blade weapon accessory attached to tentacle
  • Ock-Bot has tinted goggles; articulated head, waist and hips; and pegs for attaching figures like included 6-Inch Spider-Man
  • Ages 4 and up.
  • WARNING: Small parts may be generated.

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