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Bring home the pranks, adventure, and magic of The Smurfs with The Smurfs Little Plush Assortment, the soft and highly detailed assortment of 18cm (7) Smurfs. Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty, and Brainy are featured here in their softest form: as plush characters that you can reenact with, collect, and carry everywhere! Get to know the characters styled directly from the hit new series on Nickelodeon, The Smurfs: A New Touch of Blue. The highly detailed plush toys look as if theyve jumped right out of the show and into your hands.

Papa Smurf is the oldest and wisest Smurf in The Village. Smurfette loves to organize events and has a smurfy personality. Hefty is the tattooed, insanely strong, jock of a Smurf. Brainy is the know-it-all Smurf that you can always catch with books in his hands on the show. Collect all four plush toys to complete your collection. They will be the most comical and classic to new additions for your own Smurf Village. We Smurf You!

  • Officially licensed product by Jazwares!
  • You and your child will love collecting The Smurfs Plush Assortment!
  • The featured Smurfs are one of four soft collectible plush toys: Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty or Brainy.
  • Papa Smurf is the oldest, Smurfette is beautiful, Hefty is strong and Brainy is a know-it-all.
  • Build your own Smurf Village with all the toys and plush which are perfect for playing & displaying
  • For ages 3+

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