Bakugan 3.0 Battle Pack - Special Attack Nillious & Mantid

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Build a Bakugan army with the all-new Battle 5-Pack. Combine and brawl your favourite characters you love from the show to be the best of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. This set comes with 2 Special Attack (Spinning) Bakugan, 3 Core Bakugan, a rip card, XL rip cord, and multiple trading cards. Use the XL rip cord or rip card to spin your Bakugan for the Special Attack or roll your assembled Bakugan on the Gate Cards to watch them transform. Use the Character & Special Attack Cards for new stats to level up your gameplay. Bakugan shakes up the fun with new and returning characters, awesome detailing and new Bakugan Clans for awesome storytelling and strategic battle. Each Bakugan action figure includes a special code to use in the online game, Roblox for new ways to play and interact.

Includes: 2 Special Attack Bakugan, 3 Core Ball, Rip Card, 5 Character Cards, 2 Special Attack Cards, 3 Brawler Cards, 2 Gate Card, XL Rip Cord & Bakugan Token

  • SPINNING ATTACK 5-PACK: This Battle Pack includes 2 Special Attack (Spinning) Bakugan and 3 Core Bakugan balls; and trading cards. Use the included rip card or ripcord to activate the spinning Bakugan.
  • CUSTOMIZE AND BRAWL: Combine your Bakugan with the multi-part ball linking system. Simply snap the top character portion, the bottom portion and/or the Special Attack weapon ring and get ready to battle. The more you collect, the more you can customize.
  • BATTLE YOUR FRIENDS: Use the Character and Special Attack cards to add up points against your foes. Strategize with Special Attack Bakugan to spin into battle. Use the code inside for new ways to play in the online game, Roblox.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Level-up your battles with the all-new Training Set and Battle Arena (each sold separately)! Experience powerful Bakugan as these surprise toys take on new shapes and transformations as they spin into battle!
  • OFFICIAL BAKUGAN TOYS: A great holiday or birthday gift for kids ages 6+

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