Bakugan Geogan Rising Battle Matrix Arena

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Battle like a true champion with the Bakugan Battle Matrix! Featuring an exclusive gold Sharktar Bakugan, a premium solid battle surface, banked walls and staging areas to hold your Bakugan until youre ready to roll and transform, this epic arena is the ultimate way to brawl! With a hexagonal grid already on the board, its easy to lay out your BakuCores (two included) for an exciting battle. Face off against an opponent and roll your exclusive Sharktar Bakugan into pop open Baku-Action, directly off one of the staging areas ramps! Keep your brawlin contained with the Battle Matrixs banked walls and pull off epic trick shots! Store your cards in the slots and stay organized while you battle. Plus, you can even add a new element to your brawls with the Geogan (each sold separately) these mysterious new Bakugan characters feature new shapes and unique transformations for even more battling power!

Includes: Bakugan Battle Matrix, Exclusive Bakugan, 2 BakuCores, Character Card, Ability Card & Bakugan Toy Battling Rules Sheet

  • Includes an exclusive Sharktar Bakugan you wont find anywhere else! With gold details, this Geogan Rising Bakugan is a must-have for your collection!
  • Inspired by the epic arenas seen in the TV show, the Battle Matrixs banked walls are perfect for trick shots and keeping your Bakugan in play! Battle like a true champion!
  • The premium solid battle surface snaps together and features staging areas with ramps and a built-in grid, making it easy to set up your BakuCores and roll right into Baku-Action!
  • For ages 6 and up.

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