Barrel Of Monkeys

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Whats more fun than a barrel of monkeys? This beloved Barrel of Monkeys game for ages 3 and up has a modern, redesigned look, including new monkey facial expressions and colours, with all of the classic charm of the original game. Dig into the barrel to pick up a monkey and try to link as many monkeys as you can without dropping them. Whoever collects the most monkeys in one turn, wins!

Includes 1 Barrel, 15 Monkeys & Instructions

  • NEW LOOK: This updated Barrel of Monkeys game has all the classic charm of the original with new monkey colors, expressions, and more! Try to form the longest chain - whoever collects the most monkeys in one turn, wins!
  • EASY CLEAN UP AND STORAGE: Plastic barrel snaps together for secure storage of all 15 monkeys when the game is done.
  • ENTRY TO STRATEGY GAMES: This fun game for 1-4 players ages 3+ is the perfect addition to your preschool games collection of 3 year old boy toys, 4 year old boy toys and 3 year old girl toys.
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