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Crash Bandicoot is the furry hero of the video games of the same name. He is a bandicoot from the Wumpa Islands who was abducted by the evil Dr. Neo Cortex and experimented on, Crash manages to escape however and becomes a recurring thorn in Cortex's side as he repeatedly foils his schemes. Through the many games of the series from the 90's to the present, Crash Bandicoot has become a gaming icon. Now can have a cuddly Crash Bandicoot of your very own with this adorable plush toy. Crash Bandicoot is 32cm tall and an authentic recreation of the character from the games. With his handy size, you can take your Crash Bandicoot teddy out and about with you or display him as part of a gaming merchandise collection at home.

  • ADORABLE STUFFED TOY: Cuddle up to the adorable hero of the Crash Bandicoot video games with these high quality soft toys. These plush toys are excellent pieces of Crash Bandicoot merchandise for all ages of fan and video gaming toys collector.
  • CRASH BANDICOOT: Crash Bandicoot is the titular hero of the popular Crash Bandicoot games, he was originally an experimental subject of the evil Dr. Neo Cortex before escaping the lab. Due to his good nature, Crash would soon return to save his family and friends and foil Cortex's schemes.
  • 32cm CRASH PLUSH: This cute and cuddly, plushy Crash Bandicoot toy stands at 32cm tall, a perfect size to cuddle. Crash Bandicoot would make an excellent mascot at a gaming competition.
  • For ages 0+

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