Hatchimals Crystal Flyers - Pastel Kawaii

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You'll find a beautiful Crystal Flyer Pixie inside the gorgeous crystal egg with glittery wings, a rainbow dress, and matching colourful makeup. With the USB cable included, remove your Rainbow Glitter Idol Pixie from her egg and charge her. As soon as she is fully charged, she will liven up the sky with colourful bursts!

When you turn on your Pixie fairy doll, the LED lights on her dress will begin to pulse and her glittery wings will flutter and spin. Your Pixie Power will help her magically fly - just let her go! As you help her fly indoors, your Rainbow Glitter Idol Pixie doll can detect your hands thanks to its built-in sensor. If you lift your hands high, she will fly high. If you move them low, she will fly low, dancing through the air! As she flies above your hands, her dress shimmers and her glittery wings sparkle! With enough practice, you and your Pixie will become the best air dancers in Hatchmosphere!

  • Bring your very own Hatchimals Pixie to life with the Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers Pastel Kawaii!
  • The auto-stop feature ensures that if you accidentally touch her wings while she's flying, she will stop immediately.
  • When your Pixie's not flying, display her inside her sparkly crystal egg
  • Light up the Sky
  • Suitable for ages 6+ years.

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