Hot Wheels Premium Pop Culture - The Beatles Hiway Hauler (Orange Ticket)

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Celebrate the hottest pop culture properties with a premium Hot Wheels vehicle modelled after one from a favourite movie, TV show or video game. Each 1:64 replica has authentic details true to the source material and features Metal/Metal body and chassis as well as RealRiders tires. The themed packaging boasts display-worthy art for enhanced collectability. Various mixes released throughout the year ensure fresh selections with the coolest and hottest names in popular culture fans will want them all

  • Each car is 1:64 scale and has the authentic details and stylings to capture the personality of the theme while adding four wheels and some Hot Wheels flair
  • Fans love collecting the memorabilia from their favourite movies, shows and gsmes, and each Hot Wheels character car makes a unique addition to any collection
  • Styles, colours and decorations may vary.
  • For ages 3 and up.

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