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Visit a galaxy far, far away. with Scrabble Brand Crossword Game: Star Wars Edition. Now you can launch your Scrabble game into hyperspace with two different ways to play: Enjoy classic Scrabble with Star Wars vocabulary added or try Galaxy Mode for a more immersive game experience. Galaxy Mode alters the method of scoring so players of all skill levels can enjoy the game. In Galaxy Mode, the words you build allow you to move one of four iconic starship movers the Millennium Falcon, Boba Fett's starship, an X-wing, or a TIE fighter around the board to collect Galaxy Cards for powerups and points. The Star Wars glossary used for both games modes recognizes the vocabulary of the Empire, the Rebels, and everyone in between! It's a game sure to take over the galaxy!

Includes playing board, 100 letter tiles, 4 racks, 56 cards, tile pouch, 4 starship mover pieces, Star Wars glossary and rules.

  • This special edition of the Scrabble game lets Star Wars fans enjoy their favourite saga combined with the galaxy's favourite crossword-style game!
  • Authentic Star Wars theming binds this Scrabble game together. Play out the galactic adventure in all aspects, from the playing board to the starship movers to the Galaxy Cards, to the Star Wars glossary.
  • Even letter tiles are special -- they include Aurebesh characters the alphabet of the Star Wars galaxy!
  • Plays two ways the classic Scrabble game with Star Wars vocabulary added, or Galaxy Mode, where you manoeuvre starship pieces around the board to collect Galaxy Cards.
  • The Millennium Falcon always delivers; in this game, it's one of the starship 'mover' pieces that mark player progress around the board in Galaxy Mode. Make the jump to lightspeed and check out all the special spacecraft pieces.
  • Colours and decorations may vary.
  • For ages 10+

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