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Dance like a dinosaur with the Sesame Street Dino Stomp Elmo plush toy. This dino-mite Elmo plushie celebrates kids interest in dinosaurs and engaging in pretend play. Dressed in a cuddly green dinosaur costume, 13-inch Elmo sings, moves his arms, and stomps along to the If Youre Happy and You Know It song. It's so much fun, that kids wont be able to sit still when Elmo prompts them to join in! The music and fun start with a squeeze of Elmos hand. Little ones will love singing, dancing, and giggling along with their Sesame Street pal. Squeeze Elmos hand again to hear him tell a roaring good joke! Dino Stomp Elmo is made of super-soft fabrics and contains 100% recycled polyester fill.

Includes: Elmo feature plush.

  • Stomp and Sing Along with Elmo: The Sesame Street Dino Stomp Elmo plush doll plays If Youre Happy and You Know It, and prompts kids to sing and dance like a dinosaur along with him.
  • Music, Motion, and Phrases: Press Elmos hand to activate the music and dance moves! Elmos arms move, his body sways, and he stomps his feet. Press his hand again to hear Elmo tell a silly joke.
  • Active, Imaginative Play: Mimicking Elmos dance routine is a fun way for kids to get some exercise, while also inspiring them to invent awesome moves of their own.
  • Huggable Plushie: This 13-inch-tall dancing, singing Elmo plush doll is made of soft, huggable fabrics and is dressed in a velvety plush dinosaur costume. Elmo is stuffed with 100% recycled fill.
  • 3 x AA batteries required (included).
  • Dino Stomp Elmo is ideal for kids ages 2 years and up.

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