Tech Deck D.I.Y Concrete Reusable Playset

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Build your own fingerboard obstacle course with the Tech Deck DIY Concrete Reusable Modelling skatepark! This set comes with everything you need to create your own ramps and rails, including 397g (14oz) of reusable concrete compound, ramp and rail moulds, a moulding tool, and an exclusive Enjoi Fingerboard! The DIY concrete is easy to use and reuse. Wet it, set it and shred it! Simply add water, let it sit for 6-8 hours, and your creation will harden just like concrete. Use the moulds to create perfect ramps or create your own fingerboard obstacles to level up your skill. Simply add water to create new challenges. Challenge your friends, develop your skills, and build your Tech Deck collection.

Includes: outer mould, rail, compound bag, tech deck, sticker sheet, moulding tool & instruction sheet

  • The DIY Concrete Reusable Modelling Skatepark has everything you need to create your own fingerboard obstacles. Featuring reusable concrete, ramp and rail moulds, an exclusive Enjoi Fingerboard and more!
  • Includes 397g (14oz) of reusable concrete compound! Pat the concrete sand into the mould or create your own obstacles! Add water, set it for 6-8 hours and it will harden like concrete. Place in water again to rebuild!
  • Add to your finger skateboard collection and skate your creation with the exclusive Enjoi Skateboards fingerboard included in the set. Real skateboard graphics from real skate brands.
  • Use the modelling concrete to create different scenes and obstacles. This finger skateboard kit is perfect for training hand-eye coordination and showing off new fingerboard tricks to your friends.
  • Great holiday, Christmas, birthday gift cool toys for skate-lovers ages 6 and up!

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