TMNT Classic 2 Pack - Raphael vs Triceraton

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Let the fight for New York City begin! Team Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is led by its tactical, level-headed leader Leonardo, who slices and dices with his twin katana. Hes joined by his brothers Donatello, the tech genius who spins a mean bo staff, the fierce Raphael wielding his sharp twin sai, and Michelangelo, the free-spirited master of the nunchuks! Can the Turtles defeat their enemy, the Foot, and protect the streets and sewers of NYC? Can Donatello take on their arch-enemy, Shredder, and win? Only time will tell!

  • Raphael figure has 34 points of articulation and Triceraton figure has more than 16 points of articulation, so you can pose them ready for battle action
  • Raph comes with removable signature twin sai, with loops attached to his initialized bandolier belt so hes always ready for action
  • Triceraton has a machine gun and blaster
  • Each action figure has its own stand Raphaels is a detailed sewer cover stand with characters name and TMNT logo, and Triceratons is a triangal logo
  • For ages 4+

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