Vtech Switch & Go Dinos - Thrash the T Rex

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This mighty T-Rex can certainly claim to be king! Within a few simple steps, you can switch Thrash into a powerful muscle car and back again! Use Thrash's included disc launcher to propel and store the 3 discs in both vehicle and dino mode! Hear lively dino and vehicle sound effects, as well as cool phrases and fun dinosaur facts! See amazing dino eye and driver animations on the LCD screen as Thrash speaks! And marvel at Thrash's cool light effects which shine from his mouth too! Let's Switch & Go!

  • Easily switch between a mighty T-Rex and a cool muscle car in just a few simple steps
  • Features a disc launcher! Launch and store the 3 discs in both Dino & vehicle modes!
  • Plays lively Dino and vehicle sound effects, fun phrases and Dino facts
  • LCD screen displays cool Dino eye and driver animations
  • Thrash the T-Rex can even shine a red light out of his mouth with the responses
  • 2 x AAA Batteries Required
  • 3 to 8 Years

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