Zuru Robo Alive - Crawling Spider

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Creepy! Crawly! And Super Scary! The Robo Alive Crawling Spider is the scariest pet ever. Pick it up if you dare. Then let it loose to frighten your friends with real skin-crawling super fast movement - and a freaky, furry spider body. With its Glow in the Dark body, this spider is ready to scare day or night!

  • These Spiders are super fast and move just like a real Spider.
  • Turn off the lights and let your Spider glow for a scare in the dark!
  • With a furry spider body, 8 red-tipped legs and 8 creepy eyes you'd be forgiven for thinking this spider
  • Guarantee a scream from your friends and family when this crawls up on them with super fast, realist
  • For ages 3+

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