Zuru X Shot 9 Ranger X8 (24 Darts)

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The X-Shot Excel Ranger X8 has enough power to hit targets up to 27 meters away! This beastly blaster blows away the competition with a rapid fire of 8 darts in seconds with the rotating drum. Shoot accurately with the detachable scope and use the bolt firing mechanism to hit the competition before they see you coming

  • Rotating 8 Dart Barrel: Rapid-fire 8 darts in seconds using the rotating barrel.
  • Firing Power: The X-Shot Excel Ranger X8 can hit targets from 27m / 90 feet away.
  • Dart Capacity: The X-Shot Excel Ranger X8 has a 8 dart capacity and additional 8 dart storage.
  • Accuracy: The X-Shot Excel Ranger X8 comes with detachable scope and tactical rail to blast with precision.
  • Air Pocket Technology: X-Shot Excel blasters include Air Pocket Technology darts for a further, faster, and more accurate blast!
  • For ages 8+

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