Zuru X Shot Excel Hurricane (16 Darts)

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The X-Shot Excel Hurricane will bring a storm of darts on your opponents! Load the 10-dart capacity clip and insert before pulling back the priming handle to fire distances of up to 24m / 80 feet. With distance and power, youll be unstoppable at any battle. When out of darts, simply remove the clip and refill in one go to get back to action. Bring the thunder with the Hurricane.

  • Speed: Use the top priming handle to blast at a firing rate of 4-darts per second.
  • Firing Power: The X-Shot Excel Hurricane can hit targets from 24m / 80 feet away.
  • Bottom Loading Clip: Load 10 darts into the clip and slide into the blaster to start your battle.
  • 16 Darts: The X-Shot Excel Hurricane comes with 16 darts to keep you loaded all battle.
  • For ages 8+

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